Welcome to Itten Suginami Dojo

We practise Aikikai Aikido and Shinkendo.


Itten means ‘one point’ and refers to the idea of being physically and mentally ‘centred’.
This implies balance, stability, and awareness.

We are traditional in the sense that we practise Budo, not sport. The emphasis is upon the development of an integrated individual, respectful towards others and self, and skilled in the practise of ‘living’. Technical proficiency should go hand in hand with the maturing of the mind and the emotions.

Our Martial Arts are Do, which in Japanese means ‘a path or way’. This is a path that has no end, even after the body begins to age and wear out, development is still possible.

“Wherever you are and whatever you are doing…
Nothing can compare to this. This is the ultimate dojo.”

(Dogen 1200-1253)